Full-Body Training

Strength training is an essential aspect of any fitness program for both men and women of all ages.Focused on all around fitness and health for a well balanced athletic body.

Extreme Weight Loss

High intensity resistance training. Super-setting exercises, giving you full body conditioning and a heavy focus on a fully customized diet plan along with a non stop persistence on “getting you to get it done” attitude!


Incinerate Bootcamp

Military style at your level bootcamp classes full body fat burning and fun! With a hint of toughness by Marine Corps Veteran Roger Rojas.

Personalized Attention

Personalized, with 100% attention on you! We offer one on one personal training to help you achieve your goals and push you to higher limits in a safe and progressive manner.

Personal Trainer

Roger Rojas

With a concentration in Sports Medicine, Roger has worked closely with physical therapists and athletic trainers.

Roger also specializes in fat burn, toning, muscle building and strength training.

As a former US Marine, he always takes pride in punctuality, accountability and delivering Results!

Roger focuses on educating and motivating clients about all aspects of health and fitness, with an emphasis on nutrition and that military in your face push that won’t let you quit!

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