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We focus on treating people like human beings not just a number, like most gyms do… We will guide you, motivate you, teach you and push you at your level to help you achieve your goals. From fat loss, to muscle gain, strength training, toning or all around fitness.

No more procrastinating.. it’s time to take the big step and finally get that body you’ve always wanted !

As a professional master personal trainer and esteemed gym owner in the vibrant San Diego area, I firmly believe that unlocking your highest potential in life requires optimizing your body. By attaining this state of optimal physical well-being, you empower yourself to express your unique gifts, talents, skills, abilities, and attributes to their fullest extent. Health and wellness serve as the solid foundation and launching pad for all endeavors and actions in life. With a finely tuned body, you will embark on a journey to craft and manifest the life you truly desire!

If you are in search of a personal trainer in San Diego, look no further. Our approach goes beyond treating you as just a number; we prioritize your well-being and provide comprehensive support in all areas crucial to your success.

Upon joining our program, we take the time to thoroughly understand your individual needs and aspirations. Our emphasis lies in tailoring every aspect of your fitness journey to ensure the best possible results.

To accommodate your busy schedule, we offer convenient phone and online fitness consultations. This way, we can connect and guide you regardless of your location or commitments.

In an era where everyone seems to be on a diet or taking supplements, it’s puzzling why many still face health challenges or struggle with weight loss. While the internet has revolutionized access to information, it has also inundated us with an overwhelming array of health advice. The question arises: whom should you trust amidst this sea of knowledge? What is fact and what is merely a passing trend?

Navigating through this abundance of information can be perplexing, leaving you unsure of what truly suits your needs. Allow us to equip you with all the tools necessary to achieve your goals and experience genuine success. Our expertise will guide you towards discerning the right path and avoiding common pitfalls, ensuring your journey is based on solid principles and effective strategies.

Meet Roger Rojas, a highly accomplished professional master personal trainer and esteemed gym owner. As the founder of Incinerate Fitness Inc., Roger has made a significant impact as a fitness spokesperson, public speaker, and featured guest on numerous podcasts and San Diego local TV channels. His personal training and health practice have earned him a well-deserved reputation for success.

At Incinerate Fitness Inc., our approach to fitness is both unique and compelling. Roger’s expertise is shaped by 18 years of experience working alongside professional athletic trainers and therapists across various sectors of the fitness and wellness industry. From assisting clients in their journey of rehabilitation from injuries or trauma to honing specialized fat-burning techniques tailored to individual body types, building muscle for clients of all ages, toning physiques, or preparing individuals for important events such as weddings, military academies, or police academies, Roger’s skills and techniques encompass a broad spectrum of fitness needs.

Roger’s background is rich and diverse. He actively participated in various sports during his childhood, ranging from soccer and basketball to baseball and boxing. At the age of 17, he joined the United States Marines, excelling in all aspects of physical fitness while acquiring a deep understanding of military-style training methods.

After serving for 8 years and completing deployments to Iraq and Kuwait, Roger returned and immediately immersed himself in sports medicine education. He resided in Orange County and worked in renowned gyms, establishing his own personal training company called “The Circuit” from 2006 to 2011. The company operated three facilities and catered to clients of all levels, ages, and goals.

In 2011, Roger founded “Incinerate Elite Personal Training,” a private facility located in San Diego. This full-service gym boasts specialized equipment, sauna and shower facilities, a cold plunge, an infrared jade sauna bed, outdoor training areas, a boxing area, and an agility area. At Incinerate Elite Personal Training, Roger has gone above and beyond to help hundreds of individuals achieve their fitness goals, consistently delivering exceptional results.

  • Certified Personal Trainer National Academy of Sports Medicine.
  • Certified Personal Trainer International Sports and Science Association
  • Certified Personal Trainer American College of Integrative Medicine.
  • Certified Personal Trainer Nacional Council for Personal Trainers.
  • Certified Weight Loss Specialist National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Virtual Coaching Specialist National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified MMA Conditioning Specialist National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Stretching and Flexibility Coach National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Senior Fitness Specialist National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Woman’s Fitness Specialist National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Physique and Bodybuilding Coach National Academy of Sports Medicine
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Personal Training Pricing Packages

Sessions vary in price according to goals, customized and specialized training options . Essentially, the bigger the package you select, the less expensive it is per session, it can be lower if it’s a semi-private session package.
Also, all sessions are 1 hour long (45 minutes with previously performing a 15 minute warm-up)
Price $500: The Starter Package includes an initial assessment, 2 training sessions and a nutrition session. This package is good for the “do it yourself type” or the person that does not have the funds available for hiring a consistent long-term personal trainer.
The rates for “In-Home” training sessions will vary dependent upon your location ranging from $150 per hour up to $225 per hour (commute time is included in price). We provide in-home training in the San Diego area which include:
This program is for clients that don’t live in San Diego and would like to make a dramatic positive change to their health and body. It is a complete makeover to your life and lifestyle.
$699 – 8-week program which will cover nutrition, supplements, exercise and healthier lifestyle coaching. This package includes 8 phone consultations. Benefits include:
Negotiable Rate, please go to the public speaking page for more information about speaking engagements.

Online Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach:

8 week health and body makeover

Having an Online Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach offers much more flexibility for your active life. In this era, you don’t necessarily have to ask if there is a ‘Personal Trainer near me’, distance is no longer a barrier for you to reach your fitness goals. The ‘8 Week Makeover Program’ is an Online Personal Training program for clients that don’t live in San Diego and would like to make a dramatic positive change to their health and fitness. It is a complete makeover to your life and lifestyle. Everybody has a different fitness level, as a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I will tailor a specific training program for you.
$699-8-week program which will cover online nutrition planning, supplements, lab testing, exercise and lifestyle coaching. This package includes 8 phone or online coaching sessions. Benefits of having an Online Trainer include:

Our services go way
beyond just
personal training.

When you hire us, it’s like going to a one stop shop. We take a full rounded approach, which focuses on addressing the root causes that prevent you from reaching your physique goals. Many of our clients are happy to hear they may not have to physically workout as hard as they thought when they eat clean, sleep well, and manage stress. We have just made an exciting move to an upscale private gym located in Kearny Mesa.
Our new gym is perfect for clients looking to build muscle, lose fat and tone/shape their body and utilize a variety of options. This spectacular facility offers the following amenities:
When you hire us, it’s like going to a one stop shop. We take a full rounded approach, which focuses on addressing the root causes that prevent you from reaching your physique goals. Many of our clients are happy to hear they may not have to physically workout as hard as they thought when they eat clean, sleep well, and manage stress. We have just made an exciting move to an upscale private gym located in Kearny Mesa.
Our new gym is perfect for clients looking to build muscle, lose fat and tone/shape their body and utilize a variety of options. This spectacular facility offers the following amenities:


Christopher V.
Read More
Roger is an experienced, knowledgeable trainer with a newly renovated gym with high quality equipment. Highly recommend
Kevin M.
Read More
Can't express how much help Roger has been on helping get back to my normal weight as well as improving my performance. The first two months with him, got me down 10lbs. Highly recommend coming here if your an athlete or someone trying to be physically fit.
Kevin Jay McCalley
Read More
I'm a 56 year old man that came to Roger with a bunch of issues including a couple bad knees, a weight problem, and gout flareups. Roger completely tailored a plan that included fitness and nutrition. He will keep you motivated and also keep you accountable to achieve your goals. I am happy to highly recommend Roger and Incinerate Elite Personal Training to everyone. There is no reason you can't achieve your fitness goals even at my age.
Read More
Roger from incinerate fitness is an unbelievable trainer and a very friendly personable guy. He had help guide me through a plethora of things regarding my fitness in a personalized custom way. Such as diet, cardio, muscle growth, and other minor health issues I had been dealing with. He was very malleable with the fact that I had been diagnosed with epilepsy and we were able to find many workarounds and alternative solutions regarding this issue. over the span of a year I have achieved many of my target goals and ideals for my fitness, health, and overall well-being. I'd highly recommend his personal training especially with your first visit being free of charge!
Happy Customer
Read More
Roger was incredibly helpful with formulating a good workout and recovery plan that administered to my specific goals and injuries. Excited with the new expansion of his gym, and new gym equipment. The gym machines, equipment and environment was clean and the perfect place to train without the stress of a busy gym. Get ready for pain! Roger's workouts are quick and to the point but he will push you and make sure you are there to make improvement.
Justin Styve
Read More
If you're looking for training that will challenge you but also hold you accountable, this place is for you. Roger is a great trainer and very personable which I appreciate given the gym can be a little uncomfortable for some (especially beginners) nn I came here trying to get back in shape after gaining some weight during the lockdown periods and the goal was definitely
Read More
Roger is THE best! I stumbled across him by chance and I'm so glad that I did. I reached out and got a quick response. He is charismatic, fun, personable, highly skilled and has such a positive/upbeat energy to him. Not only will you be leaving feeling great from your workout, you'll be leaving the gym with a smile on your face. He makes working out enjoyable! nn As someone who was intimated at the thought of going to a gym Roger made me feel comfortable and at ease. Throughout my time with Roger he really helped change the way I looked at working out and nutrition. His guidance and encouragement helped me achieve my goals in a healthy and realistic manner! I was able to do both one-on-one and group sessions with Roger. Even in group sessions he is able to cater to each client individually. He's motivating and has a passion for helping his clients reach their goals. He goes above and beyond for his clients! Roger is supportive and truly wants to see you succeed! He will constantly push you while simultaneously constantly make you laugh. If you're thinking about a personal trainer, go see Roger! You won't be disappointed. I can't recommend him enough!
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Came to Roger because I was having extreme lower back pain, which I later found out was due to an extruding disc. He worked with me, always modifying workouts and checking in with me to make sure I wasn't in pain, but still pushing me to do more than I thought I could. It's been four months and I'm down roughly 14lbs, and have not experienced any back pain since working with him! Roger is knowledgeable about everything fitness and injuries which was a relief to feel like I wasn't going to hurt myself and that I could feel comfortable asking him any questions I had. He is extremely kind and really cares about all of his clients! I've seen him first hand go above and beyond for others, including me! I came to him during a time when I felt like my whole life was crashing down and he offered comforting advice and a safe place to cry! For that I will always be grateful! He truly is a great trainer & would highly recommend to anyone, injury or not!
Read More
Roger helped me get back on track in my fitness journey! He helped me find confidence and the joy in working out. He knew how to push me in a good work out and I always left feeling like I put in good work. Roger was such a good friend to me and I couldn't have gotten through the year without him!
Tessa L.
Read More
Roger is AWESOME!!! He genuinely cares about you and your progress and he always pushed me to the best of my abilities. If you are thinking about getting a trainer I 100% recommend going to Roger! He also changed my outlook on working out and fitness in general for the better!!!
Read More
Roger is the man! I came to him with a sprained ankle, spine was way out of alignment, random aches in my knees and different parts of my body. Six months later and I feel like a new person. He pushed me out of my comfort zone so my own workouts are a lot more intense now. He strikes a good balance of pushing you but is also very mindful of minimizing injury risk and keeping your motivation levels high.
Illiam P.
Read More
I've had 4 different top of the line trainers in Li's Angeles and in New York ..Not one of them has given me the quality in attention and personal touch that Roger has given me and my Family he has gone above and beyond to make sure we all reached out goals but not only that, he also keeps it fun. He always switches it up between lifting boxing HIIT circuit etc. My husband, my sister, my son, my mother and my everyone is different not all trainers are a fit for everyone so chemistry is a must Thank you Roger!!
Happy Customer
Read More
If I could give Rodger 6/5 stars I would. His ability to integrate a healthy combination of gym "smack talk" and thoughtfulness in helping achieve both physical and mental goals has broken down, what I thought would be, intangible barriers for me. If you haven't already, I highly recommend setting up a session with him. 100% no regret guarantee (in my opinion).
Happy Customer
Read More
My husband and I have been working out with Roger for the past three years. He helped me to get back in shape after the childbirth. In fact, I think I've never been in such a good shape before. Thanks to Roger my husband was able to build muscle in his back to help him with his double scoliosis. He has no pain in the back now and feels much stronger overall. We are so happy we've found this professional trainer who really cares about his clients and wants them to succeed in their goals. We can't recommend enough for everyone to give it a try. This place has some great perks too: sauna, shower area, towels service, and convenient parking that's always reserved just for the clients.

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